Dez white


Entrepreneur and author Dez White is one of the tech world’s fastest rising stars.  While working as a writer, White turned her interests toward technology and application development. After struggling with getting sources to come forward out of concern for leaving digital paper trails, White realized a need existed for more secure forms of communication. The self-made entrepreneur found a developer and an investor, secured a patent, and Invisible Text was born within a year.  White has since launched Invisible Social, Invisible Email, and Invisible Call and is believed to be the youngest African American entrepreneur to fund and successfully launch a suite of apps.  In  2016, Dez's emoji company, GlamRoks, developed and launched Chymoji--an emoji app for celebrity socialite, Blac Chyna. Chymoji was the #1 downloaded app on iTunes the week it was launched and remains one of the most popular apps of 2016. She has several additional projects slated for release in 2018 including RapBattleLive, a cutting-edge digital music platform, and additional celebrity emoji apps.