It was found that gender bias has been a matter of discussion in research, media, and in our schools for many years now. In today's classrooms, many students may be exposed to  the use of technology based on their instructor's current curricular usage. Some times teachers may be utilizing technology in different amounts based on their own gender and may hold similar expectations for their students. 

With this widespread amount of young women having this experience in their educational settings. Girl Code LA is aimed to develop and continue to expose young women to computer science, business, and software engineering.


Our vision for GirlCodeLA (GCLA)  is to reach as many girls as we possibly can. Sarah Wetzel, our board member, is leading outreach in poverty stricken areas to ensure those girls get computers. We look to get computers in the hands of 50 girls and hope to have at least 35 teens enroll in our coding day camp yearly.

For the past  three years, GCLA has been funded by the board, which includes Engage BDR and me. In addition to the self-funding, we have received extreme backing from Dan Fleyshman and his counterparts. It takes individuals like Fleyshman who care about girls expanding their horizons to help us make a difference. 

Why GCLA is important:

GCLA is important because it gives a voice to the girl who has no resources but dreams of breaking outside the box. We bring in mentors and speakers they would normally only read about. They are able to talk to people who have achieved amazing things and beat the odds. 

GCLA restores hope and gives young women the tools needed to make it in this new world of technology. 

The benefits for participants :

Participants have the opportunity to learn, understand, and execute a plan while at GCLA. Through our speakers, camps, and galas we plan on helping to educate as well as give our participants the tools to grow. The purpose of the gala is to focus on giving three girls book scholarships for the spring 2018 school year. We hope to expand from book scholarships to college tuition in the near future. 


 our goals and programs


Girl Code is aimed to continue to be an outlet for students regardless of their social economic background or current access to technology. Students in Girl Code are also exposed to mentors who are leaders in their industry while learning the importance of coding and current and future advancements in technology.

  • GCLA's Tech Camp: Summer Retreat
  • Industry Leading software, computers, and tablets
  • Coding programs
  • Seminars from industry leaders year-round
  • Staffing, mentors, program nutrition


Smartphones, tablets, Facebook, Google Maps, computers, and robots all run on software applications, making coding and app development some of today's most sought-after skills. GCLA's Tech Camp Summer Retreat is aimed to introduce participants to programming and coding. With three sessions, students can learn real life methods used in the industry.


Although the technology industry is mostly based on building and deploying software. Students are taught that technology is used in every industry and are given the opportunity to learn directly from leaders in both business and technology through GCLA.